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I think u maybe be wondering what is this post, and well, i think everyone have seen the subject so, thank u. my experience on NG has been so cool and stuff and im just really surprised, never thought cool people like you would like my art, and im really thankful because i tried so hard and finally you guys made it possible, you made possible my happiness. y'all always make my day liking my art and just dropping nice reviews, even thought im not like a famous artist who's got too much talent and could do an amazing piece for everyday, i try and it seems like you like and im really thankful. i know there's too much artists that deserve recognition because they have potential and i always try too cheer them like you do with me, because i know that it feels so good when a artist tell another "hey, nice art" even thought that's a simple compliment i know that makes artist so happy and in case you didn't know now you do, so if you can tell a artist that their art is good, obviously not lying 'cause that's not cool, tell them, that will inspire them and make them feel loved and appreciated, so, that's it, do it.

anyhow, back to topic, thank u so much, im aware that my fans aren't that much but im happy no matter, and if you aren't happy with your fans then you should really be, because some day you'll be really thanks. and i know someday i'll make a post like this but i'll be even more thankful because i'll have more fans, and i'll try make cool art for them. well, dott says goodbye, over and out.


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